About theSMARTsub™

Borne from a sincere desire to advance education for students coupled with recognizing the crisis in school funding – theSMARTsub™ was designed to provide an efficient, cost effective solution to one of a school’s most labor intensive and time consuming activities: selecting, contacting and scheduling the most qualified subs for absences.

Four years of research, development, brainstorming, inquiries, and consultation fees have resulted in the world’s only Substitute Management System™.

There are systems available that do parts of what theSMARTsub™ does, but none are as comprehensive and cost effective as theSMARTsub™.

Research the other systems available and you will find they are all designed by large corporate software companies. theSMARTsub™ started out as a few concerned parents and a computer guy. By using efficient technology, we have grown into a lean organization that is easily able to control costs yet provide superior customer service and attention to detail.

theSMARTsub™ remains focused on helping students by reducing schools costs and providing an improved learning environment

…because quality learning never takes a day off.

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